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Get to Know Aglow Sleep Coaching Founder, Abigail Cannon

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Learn how Abigail Cannon, owner and founder of Aglow Sleep Coaching in Bend, Oregon, got her start, continues to learn, grow and stay healthy as a sleep coach, wife, and mom of two.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. How do you introduce yourself to someone new?

I share that I am a family health educator and my focus is sleep coaching for children and adults. My master’s degree is in Chinese Medicine and my career has always tracked towards complementary alternative medicine and natural wellness. That’s how I arrived at using essential oils to support comprehensive sleep coaching!

I’m at my happiest and best when I feel like I’m helping someone or everyone find inner or outer peace — you know, humankind, the animal kingdom, and the planet.

What caused you to become a sleep coach?

Before becoming a sleep coach myself, I shared a practice with a sleep coach and doula. We offered prenatal, labor, and postpartum services to families in Northern California. I used acupuncture to support women’s’ pregnancies, labors, and postpartum health and my partner helped with infant sleep and labor support. I admired her work and literally survived my first child’s arrival thanks to her expertise and support. Working with such a knowledgeable sleep expert, professionally and personally, planted the seed for becoming a sleep coach myself.

When my second child arrived my family decided to relocate to Oregon. We felt ready for a change. I imagined singing in a band or selling real estate. But my love of health and wellness just pulled me back to helping families!

What do your friends say they love about you?

That’s such a lovely question! I know they would say they love my sense of humor and my ability to talk about happy and hard things. My friends know I won’t shy away from ANY conversation - from marriage, parenting, death, and new shoes (or the best denim), to great meals, human rights, and world issues. I’ll listen and talk about it all! Oh, and my dancing skills are legendary.

Are you experiencing any big changes or transformations in your life?

Well, I think I’m experiencing many of the same changes and transformations in my personal and professional life that everyone is going through thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic and national politics. I like to say anxiety and worry are helping me grow up and slow down A LOT right now. It’s been a huge change to be with my children so much again. I am grateful to know them as students in a whole different (and very thorough) way. The time and connection are transforming my parenting. I’d also like to highlight the fact that I’m learning more about being kind to myself right now. It’s hard to be a mother, partner, and business owner under one roof right now. I practice looking at my expectations of myself more carefully and more kindly now than I ever have.

If you could give your younger self 3 important tips about life what would they be?

  1. You know, like Jimmy Eat World said, “It just takes some time, little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride, everything will be alright.”

  2. Who you are right now is enough.

  3. It’s not personal.

What do you love to do with your children?

Read. Snuggle. Hike, even though they don’t love to do it with me. 😊 Talk. Nerf gun battles. Cook.

What inspires you to keep going?

Looking at myself and the world through my son and daughter’s eyes inspires me to keep going. This view allows me to ask myself:

  • What do I want the world to look like to them?

  • What words, from me or others, would lift them up and move them towards their targets?

  • Who do I want them to see in government, in school, in movies, at our dinner table?

  • Who do my children need me to be?

What are 3 things you need to do for your well-being each day or week?

  • I need to get 8 hours of sleep every night.

  • Get out in the sun or at least fresh air and sweat every day.

  • Sit in meditation or prayer, even for just 5 minutes every day. Or at least 3 times a week.

  • Spend time with my partner WITHOUT my kids.

What brings you joy?

Natural beauty, the outdoors, and dancing.

What do you want to see change in the world?

I’d like to see a return to thinking of ourselves as part of a web. What might this look like? It would mean that each of us is thinking of others as much or more than we think of ourselves. And, a full understanding of the fact that our thoughts, words, and actions will affect someone else, if not everyone else.

I’d like to see our nation be brave enough to listen to each other (REALLY listen) and hear what each of us needs — as different as those needs might be. I’d like everyone’s needs and rights to be given equal legal protection, air and screen time, and consideration.

Tell me what you’re obsessed with right now:

Chocolate and the New York Times. Those are my not so healthy obsessions. 😜 The flipside of the coin, I’m obsessed with youth literature and DoTerra’s Frankincense roller. I use it before bed and when I wake up. I’m not sure what it DOESN’T support or help within my body right now.

Who are the 3 people that inspire you most? Why?

My grandmother, Asta, because she was willing to do hard things. And she remained calm and loving through upheaval.

My buddy Bronwen Lodato. She has built and continues to grow an AMAZING jewelry business that combines style, adventure, and social justice - it’s like the best girl’s night and saving the world at the same time! She’s the whole package.

Brene Brown because she is committed to and unafraid of talking about hard things, she laughs hard, and she loves tortilla chips.

Thank you for spending a few minutes getting to know Aglow founder, Abigail, better.

Learn more about Aglow Sleep’s services, here.

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