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Abigail Cannon, MS, GSC

Bring back the balance that being rested provides. Aglow is sleep coaching for individuals and families seeking better sleep for a healthier and happier life.


The Aglow approach is driven by the desire to lift you out of your current state of being, to regain health and happiness. Learn More.

Sleep Services

For Children, Families and Adults

At Aglow Sleep Coaching our mission is to help you reestablish a vibrant, enjoyable, and joyful life through better sleep. 


Rest Resources

More than a sleep coach, we provide you with the resources and tools you need to sustain a healthy and rested lifestyle, so that you can shine bright!  


"My experience with Abigail was one that exceeded our expectations. As a new mom, things can get pretty crazy and for me and my husband, being tired made for more stress than we needed. Abigail helped us understand how important sleep was for us and for our daughter. She has an amazing approach! She coached us through gentle techniques and was there every step of the way. Our daughter was sleeping through the night within days of our first meeting."

Dana F.



Abigail Cannon, MS, brings a clinician's training and a mother’s experience to her work creating gentle sleep solutions for children and adults. A mom of two and a business owner, she knows firsthand how essential sleep is - to you and your child.


After receiving her master’s degree in Chinese Medicine, Abigail spent over 10 years treating prenatal and postpartum mothers as well as assisting women in childbirth. This experience gave her a deep respect for the importance of a woman's health and wellbeing. Much of what inspires her work to get children and families sleeping well and living well is her stance that rested parents are happy parents and happy parents have happy children. In other words, sleep is good for everyone!


Abigail believes wholeheartedly in the importance of age-appropriate, medically sound, and developmentally sensitive sleep coaching. Her techniques, methods, and advice are informed by the most current research on and well-rounded approaches to healthy sleep for children and adults.


Helping families across the West Coast get the best sleep possible, Abigail is committed to getting to know each family or person’s unique needs before formulating a sleep plan! When not working on natural sleep solutions, Abigail can be found playing in the mountains, on the trails, and on the river near her home in Bend, Oregon.

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